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I'm working on a facebook fan page where I post video game art. I already have a page where i post fan art that is comic book related but i didn't want to post video game stuff on a page that deals with comics only. So I figured why not create a whole page where I post a bunch of inFamous, Mass Effect & Bioshock stuff. The only problem is that I have no idea what to call the page. Any Suggestions?

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Further Sexilations in Seattle. Boom. Instant hit.

All of that is the title. Verbatim.

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Video Game Art Fan Page Featuring: inFamous, Mass Effect & Bioshock

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@nightriff: I was using those games as examples dude.

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@stoner_logic: What's wrong with Video Game Society of America? Since you will be the "owner" of both pages, I think that would be a nice name.

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@stoner_logic: Can you edit this and come up with a more descriptive thread title, please? We really frown upon topics that force the reader to click on them to find out what they're about.