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Totally falling in love with the new Fire Emblem and I think I'm turning a new page on tactics/SRPGs. I've dabbled with FFTactics, Tactics Ogre, Disgaea and Fire Emblem DS, but I never got beyond the initial hurdles.

Between XCOM last year and now Fire Emblem Awakening, I'm starting to get a hang for these and I'm wondering what to play next. I've already got some handheld picks chosen already, namely:

Final Fantasy Tactics WotL

Tactics Ogre Let us Cling Together

Fire Emblem Shadow Dragon

Shin Megami Tensei Devil Survivor Overclocked

Disgaea 3

BUT when it comes to console titles, I was hoping to get some suggestions. The only ones that come to mind are the Fire Emblem GameCube and Wii titles and also the Disgaea titles (though to be honest I've never been crazy about that game's sense of style).

Any other suggestions? Open to Wii, PS3 and 360 suggestions.

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You might be interested in Valkyria Chronicles, although you won't find the same level of customization you'd see in Final Fantasy Tactics of Fire Emblem.

Also, you should seriously consider adding some of the Advance Wars titles to your list of handheld games. They're like Fire Emblem (made by the same dev, after all) except their focus is more on pure tactics since there are no RPG elements.

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One of the big bummers to me as a fan of the genre is that there really aren't that many releases for consoles. They are so often handheld exclusive. I get that the genre works there but it works great at home too.

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The SNES is a console, right?
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Advance Wars is pretty terrific.

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@FancySoapsMan: daaamn, of course! I forgot about Valkyria Chronicles. I think I'll tackle that game next on my PS3 (in the middle of Ni No Kuni -- a bit of a slog but sure is pretty!).

Right, Advance War! Forgot about those as well. Dual Strike is the one to get, right?

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I thought SMT: Devil Survivor was really good.

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Shining Force I love that game so much :)

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@Video_Game_King said:

The SNES is a console, right?


I like how the only english on that cover other than Nintendo and Super Famicom is RPG.

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What about TM?

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I love the Disgaea system due to the Reincarnation/Level Folding.

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By filling the game with cheap fanservice!

I don't really have much in the way of recommendations, but try to stay away from the Idea Factory games. Record of Agarest War sounds pretty cool, right? Wrong. Oh man. It tries to combine SRPG elements with "erotic" CG and scantily-clad females, but the fact that it's a console game prevents it from actually showing sexual acts. How do they get around this?

To make matters worse, the battles start taking forever (even with animations off, random encounters could take around 20 minutes to complete), effectively making it a chore instead of entertainment. If you absolutely have to play an Idea Factory title, play this one.

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@iceman228433 said:

Shining Force I love that game so much :)

shining force is dope. for another throwback, check out gemfire for the SNES. the combat is a little simplistic, but i love(d) that damn game.

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@RainVillain: Yeah, Dual Strike is a good place to start.

It might take a while getting used to fighting on two fronts, but I don't remember it ever being much of a problem.

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I went crazy over the GBA Final Fantasy Tactics when it came out. Spent several six-hour car rides playing the crap out of that game. Haven't gotten as deep into one since.

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Disgaea mostly. The Agarest War games had some neat ideas when they were still being SJRPG's but I'm not sure how many of those ideas were taken from other games.

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Well, you already said Gamecube and Wii Fire Emblem, so you're... probably good? Maybe it's my vocal dislike of the tone, obtuse mechanics and focus on grinding, but I am not much of a Disgaea fellow. (also I naturally second 's suggestion that you play hella Japanese Fire Emblem because Japanese Fire Emblem is hella awesome. Also Tear Ring Saga, because that's pretty much Fire Emblem anyways). Other than those? I hear Shining Force is pretty neat. Console SRPGs aren't really a thing, to be honest.

EDIT: Oh wait. I also hear Ogre Battle is cool. So maybe check that out too?

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any disgaea game. probably 3 or 4

listening to patrick talk about it on the bombcast i got the feeling that disgaea gets a bad wrap and unfairly labeled as overly complicated. its not. it has strong, simple fundamentals and then in the postgame just kind of descends into madness.

anyways its basically my diablo.

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makes me wish final fantasy tactics advance was on virtual console. game sucked up so much of my time. :(

i'm betting tactics a3 (a3d?) will be announced in the hopefully near future. never played a2; liked the story in advance as threadbare as it was (kinda dug the whole narnia/neverending story vibe of it) but from what i hear it's really lackluster in a2.

i'll add jeanne d'arc, though unfortunately i had to give up my psp before i got too far into it. :(