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First off, I would like to thank the GB crew for their incredibly entertaining two and a half hour panel. This was my first PAX and GB really made it a memorable one for me. If you haven't watched the panel yet, be sure not to miss the musical guests, the "drinks", the Lang Zone and so much more.

I was lucky enough to sit in the front row and was able to document the evening through photos while Drew recorded it. If anyone would like high-res versions of any of these, please PM me.

I am a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Web Developer from NY. I will be going full-time freelance soon and would love to help any fellow GB'ers with their projects. Visit my site and drop me a line sometime. Thanks!

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Good stuff duder, I'm sure being front row was pretty ridiculous.

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Great photos dude. Now, from the position it seems you are, how are you not Jeff Green?

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I believe he was sitting in the second row next to an attractive lady with a white wig?

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Love the "I just drank breast milk and now I'm sad" face haha

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The one where he is looking straight at you looking super sad>>>

Also stealing the milk bottle one for an avatar

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Where were you sitting in relation to me? I was next to Jeff Green and the lady in the wig.

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There are some great Ryan faces in there!

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@epicsteve: I was sitting like 4 seats into the front row, so you were probably 1 seat away from being directly behind me.