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It's not really a bug of the site but something I've just noticed. Consider for example DOTA 2.

You can read it's available for PC, Mac and Linux. But if you go to the description of what a PC is you will notice a PC can run Mac or Linux, there are several operating systems for PCs!.

Therefore it should read Windows and not PC. The game is available for Windows and most probably not all Windows will be able to run it but only a few versions (although it's better to check the game requirements for that).

I agree that PCs are predominantly Windows, but identifying PCs with Windows PCs means biasing the language, being less objective and promoting Microsoft as the standard.

To put an example, this is as wrong as writing "Consoles" where "XBox One" should appear. No market share can excuse that bias.

Thank you for your attention.

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I feel like I heard this semantics argument back in the '90s and it was pretty 'meh' then. You will hear the term 'PC' referring to Windows. It's not a big deal, and there are far worse things in the common vernacular.

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When people say PC they mean PC. They will say Linux when they mean Linux.

And if your running Mac on a PC your still running it all on a PC.

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Windows is pretty interchangeable with PC, man. For a lot of people, that's what "PC" means. Windows.

Granted it's not "correct," but neither is it correct for people to ask for a Kleenex when they really mean "paper tissue."

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You're not wrong, but that's just the way it is.

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@oldirtybearon: 'To put an example, this is as wrong as writing "Consoles" where "XBox One" should appear. No market share can excuse that bias.'

@evilnights: fortunately that didn't happen. I know there are worse things and I know there are diseases and poverty in the world causing people to die, but since this is a games forum I thought this could be relevant in this context.

@chaser324: I don't expect anything to change, but I just realized and I felt I had to say it. I think some people like @the_laughing_man may get confused due to this. I know changing it may be difficult at many levels, but maybe it's something to remind from time to time.

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@trylks: why are you insulting me?

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You care about this and that's kind of sad. If it effected anything in any real way you might be on to something but it doesn't so this is just annoying nerd pedantics that no one likes or listens to.

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Apple brought this on itself.

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@jimmyfenix: I think people are smart Enugu to realize when you say PC you mean PC and not Mac boot camp or Linux.

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"I'm a Mac."

"And I'm a PC. (That's blatantly a way of us saying Windows without legal problems.)"

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Seems pretty clear what PC means when this is on the boxes

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Help computer!

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I doubt they'll change it on the site considering how much work it would be, but the OP is right, dunno why everyone is being such a baby about it. This is a database site, semantics are supposed to matter, lol.

Anyways, yeah, you right, but the current usage is too common to be changed. Reaction to this thread is evidence enough.