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Hi all,

I'm starting to work on a secret project related to Giant Bomb, and I need your assistance! I'm looking to gather keywords (as many as possible) that are related to Giant Bomb. I'm looking for stuff like duder, luchadeer, GLHB, etc. If you can think of any, I'd be very appreciative! I'll post what I have so far, and continue to update the list as people contribute. Thanks for reading, and thanks in advance if you decide to help out!


  • Duder
  • TNT
  • Quick Look
  • Endurance Run
  • Bombcast
  • Luchadeer
  • Bombadiers
  • BIG BO
  • Good Luck Have Batman
  • Power
  • I Love Mondays
  • Wub wub wub
  • Hardcore Dave
  • TANG
  • <>
  • Uh uh uh
  • Jars
  • Flight Club
  • Breaking Brad
  • Big Jeffrey
  • Cool Baby
  • Pulling a Brad
  • Random PC Game
  • Space Egypt
  • Lincoln Force
  • Video Gamez
  • Zambies
  • I'm a wizard, and that looks fucked up.
  • Rider meet horse, horse meet rider
  • Nonono! Don't shake the baby!
  • 2poch
  • Brono/Barle/Bobo etc
  • Year of the Bow
  • Nintendownload Express
  • FMV
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Edit: Late title card.

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Uh uh uh

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Good luck have Batman needs to be stated in full. Otherwise it is not Good Luck Have Batman.

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Cool Baby? Maybe some P4 Endurance Run stuff as well. Like "Get Bent" and "Creepy Raper Guy?"

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Jars, Flight Club, Breaking Brad, Big Jeffrey

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Pulling A Brad

Random PC Game

LOL = Load Our Last Save

Space Egypt

Robot Vampire

Abraham Lincoln

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Can't forget Bufu, Charlie Tunoku, or Black Frost if we're taking stuff from the P4 ER.

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Funky student

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Peter Molyneux's Balls.

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Mailbags + amrika = giant bomb...

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Patrick sucks

Pullin a Brad

Always be runnin'

Video gamez.

Well that about wraps it up for the XXX quicklook




And successfull trollll is successsfulllll.

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I'm a wizard, and that looks fucked up.

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I'm a WIZARD, and that looks FUCKED UP.

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From the fine makers of...

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most graphics (?)

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It's Tuuueeesday

Spinnin Brodies

Bathroom Guy

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Shoot That Guy.

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meat dimension

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Woah that was fast! You guys are a lot better at this than I am. Thanks for the input, I'll have enough words in no time!

Also, I'll probably stay away from any keywords that I'm not familiar with. It feels wrong to use them in the project when I don't have an intimate understanding of what they mean. I haven't seen the Persona ER yet, so I'll probably stay away from most of those ones, too. So if you don't see yours on the list, I didn't ignore it!

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Oh, and Lincoln Force.

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@mrpandaman said:

Can't forget Bufu, Charlie Tunoku, or Black Frost if we're taking stuff from the P4 ER.

Charlie Tunoku is the best name ever.

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@EuanDewar said:


Oh yeah... still haven't seen that infamous video.

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2poch and Brono, I guess.

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"Isnt that right Zach"







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It's a Thing.

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Why is "swatch internet time", MAG, photon blast, Robot guns, pickle, fast and the furious tokyo drift,,, razor calahan, detriech, gizmondo pink slips not on this list?

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  • Nintendo Download Express.
  • NEVER.
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it's Kinda Janky

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What are you using the keywords for? Are you doing search engine optimization?

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Batman Batman Batman?

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@DriveupLife: Naw, I'm working on something that will be sent to the GB crew. I don't want to say exactly what it is on the off chance that one of them reads this thread. The chances are probably pretty slim, but I'm playing it safe. I'll definitely show the results in the future though! And if you really want to know, just shoot me a PM.