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Post your funny/disturbing/interesting screengrabs from Giant Bomb live streams!

I'll start with this gem I found watching an old MK TNT and a lucky pause:

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Oh man, Jeff's moustache was so rad, I wish he'd grow it back.

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I was watching one of the WM Happy Hours and Chrome decided to stop playing the video on this frame. Will responded, saying that Norm's hearing hadn't yet returned in that ear (although the tweet doesn't seem to be there any more). Anyways, I hope Norm's hearing has returned by now.


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If anyone can find Ryan's glitch face from (I think) Starcraft 2's launch live stream, I'll be forever grateful. There has to be a gif somewhere.

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I demand to know which TNT OP's screen is from.

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@MaxxS: Best one right there. I was cracking up when that happened.

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I present to you.... Long-Face Patrick!