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This monitor has a 50-75 hertz? Any idea what that means?

Also what do you think of this monitor?

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Don't get that...
Get this: http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16824236313
It basically means that if you can push a game 100+ FPS than that is what you will actually see displayed on screen.
Rather than running something at 100+ Hz and the monitor limits the frames 60 Hz/FPS
The #1 rated monitor on NewEgg, just ordered one myself.

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@franstone: I was looking for a 27 inch monitor. Will the 50-75 negativly affect gaming? I will be using it for a console gaming (Xbox One)

I only need a 60 hz tv for console gaming i believe. Thank you for your time.

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@bjganci: Ahhh, didn't realize...
Yea, you won't need that much for a console.
I have an older 40" 1080P TV so at some point I'm gonna plug the One into this new monitor to check it out.
Sure it will look better on that.

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@franstone: Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate your time.

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@franstone: Will 4ms compared to 2ms affect anything?

50000000:1 (1200:1) (Asus)

20,000,000:1 (5000:1)(BenQ)

which ratio is better?

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Think the contrast ratio on the BenQ is better, the important numbers are the 5,000 vs. 1,200 I believe, the 500000000000000000 is trickery.
The difference in 4ms vs 2ms is for anti-ghosting but that's such a close margin ya probably wouldn't even notice. (esp for a console at 1080p 60Hz)
The old LCD screen I use for my PC now is 16ms and nothing stands out too much to me.
But I also haven't experienced the 1ms my new monitor will be.

Edit: Read some reviews and choose what you think is best.

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Monoprice IPS

If you are willing to spend an extra $100 you can get this 27" 2560x1440 IPS monitor. This is the same display panel that you find in those $1000 apple monitors, it's double 1080p resolution, and has a decent return policy.

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@monetarydread: Ty for the suggestion but I need a hdmi port. Also I'm not sure if the higher resolution will benefit console gaming?

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Hertz is simply a measurement of cycles per seconds. Heck it wasn't long ago it was just referred to as CPS. When people realized we would be getting into kiloCPS and megaCPS they changed the name.

So for the purposes of a video screen it refers to how many times in a second the screen cycles through a new picture. While not exactly like frames per second they do have a similar usage.

A 60 Hz monitor will refresh 60 times a second allowing a maximum visible framerate of 60. A higher Hertz monitor like a BenQ 120 Hz monitor will allow for visible framerates up to 120 increasing smoothness and preventing screen tearing at any framerate below 120.

Most screens will run around 60Hz unless noted. If you don't plan to play above 60 fps (like console games which are almost never above 60) or in 3D then the higher framerates will be wasted and you may want to go with a cheaper 60Hz IPS panel (looks better but the image changes slower) over a fast 120/144Hz TN panel (looks worse but the image changes faster).

If you plan the plan only console games the first panel you linked is pretty good as well as the other BenQ 60Hz.

My stomach hurts.

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Thought it was about renting cars.

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@slaegar: thank you very much for the explanation!