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Trilogies generally don't have fourth parts.

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Trilogies generally don't have fourth parts.

*insert Rainer Wolfcaste .gif*

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Awesome work as always, duder!

Trilogies generally don't have fourth parts.

At least this is better than Indiana 4.

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Haha holy shit Nivi, simply amazing. We need to make sure Alex hears this, it would make his day lol.

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Amazing work, I really enojoyed it!

There's a minor hiccup in the drum track at around 3:40 right after "friend" , was that intended? Regardless, great work.

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Very well done. awesome!

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@elixirbronze: Yeah, it's intentional; a little triplet roll. Appears also under ‘influences’ in the Patrick verse.

Thanks, people :3

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Nice work.

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There are plenty of fan songs I've downloaded for the sheer novelty/community factor, but this is something I'd have no problem listening to regularly on its own merits. Well done, sir!

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Coming in here to comment not on these songs in particular, but your music in general. You've got a good ear and ability to produce some creative and well put together pieces, which I've listened to on your page. I'm really digging it!

I'm really liking "A good day"

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Another great tune (that I very nearly missed, it seems!).

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Your stuff is friggin' tops.

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@nivi: How did I miss this?! I love you stuff still <3

Spoilers if you haven't listened to the song yet:

That last line hit the nail on the head, and made me chuckle "a pair of new straight white dudes, is exactly what you need"