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I am on NG+. i got the dlc on my NG+ not NG. so am new to manus. now I can get his health down to 50% without using any of my flasks. with the summon of sif (sif does like 0.5% damage a hit lol. but hes just good as a distraction. just like all other phantoms i summon). but after that. he hurls the magic sprite attacks at you. one after another. one of them is a definite hit to you. it usually kills me with 1 hit. the circle attack. i avoided it once. though i still got around 75% damage. after his health went down to 50%. I used 10 flasks in 30 seconds. am not a dodger in this game. all videos i see online is people(or robots) playing with the weakest armor possible. lightest also. running around avoiding every hit. i cant do that. am using Giant armor + 5. and equipping the chanothy ring and the blue stoneplate (for magic def buff). black knight sword. havel shield(best poise.stabiity.magic defense) that i have. what to do here.

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This might help. Also as a rule it's probably better to do the DLC with a fresh character the first time.

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am not here to do the DLC for the heck of it. want to improve my character.

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Kill Dusk she's the real Manus. Vinny would know.

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I did the DLC for the first time on a NG+ too and it was tough man. I actually had a similar build to you, but heavy strength/faith build, minmaxed. Even though it was my 4th play through the game it was really hard. If you won't be dodging I do recommend getting ahold of the Greatshield of Artorias (not the DLC one), the stability on that is similar to havels but I think you lose even less stamina when you use it.

My main problem with him was also the magic attacks, have you got the Silver Pendant? Because that can deflect dark magic and was very useful for me.

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Maybe this video will help.

Moral: this belongs in the Dark Souls forum.

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I beat him a while ago. now am stuck with Kalameet. I can beat him. but i want his tail which i couldnt touch.

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@sgt_ham said:

I beat him a while ago. now am stuck with Kalameet. I can beat him. but i want his tail which i couldnt touch.

Kali's tail involves a lot of luck. Be sure to attack the main section of the tail because hitting its base doesn't contribute to cutting it off. If I remember correctly, it took around three forays of two-to-three hits apiece to sever while dealing 250-300 total damage per swing, and his animation of rearing up and breathing fire is the time to roll in.

(It was quite a while ago, so don't take this as gospel.)

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can't even touch it lol. idc i will keep trying. Am a heavy everything user. I cannot use light armor and run around avoiding hits. All youtubers use light armors thus their strategies is useless for me. it does involve luck. he wouldnt do his tail attack. its always higher for me to reach and i cant even get to it because he turns around. when i do the mid-range strategy to get him to fly at me and then lands. then i go attack the tail for few seconds. he would keep doing the fire attack. never dashed at me lol. this is going to take a while.