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I have commitment issues, and it's starting to drive me nuts. It seems like I'm no longer able to stick to one game and play it all the way through. I'm turning into a whore as I bounce from one game to the next, never satisfied with what I have and always on the prowl for the new flavour of the day. I think a lot of it has stemmed from making a list of what games I have in my backlog and not realizing until that list was made just how many god dam games I have in my back log! Now every time I get about a quarter to half way into a game I feel like I need to go start something else. It even happens when I'm enjoying the game I'm playing. It's not like I'm getting bored of it, I just always feel like I should be playing another game and I end up never being able to focus on the one in front of me and it's driving me nuts because I never used to be this way. All my life I have been a monogamous man when it comes to playing games, but now I seem like I'm never content unless I have two to three on the go at any one time. What makes it even worse is that I find it next to impossible to go back to these half finished games because it feels like such a grind to get back to the point I was at before I stopped playing. So I end up never finishing a ton of these games and my backlog just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

So anyway, I was wondering if anyone could share some advice on how to stick to a game and to stop whoring around my back log and go back to being a one game man. Up until about the middle of last year I never had this problem because I could never afford half the games I wanted let alone have a back log, but once I came into a little money I started hoarding games while I could still find them and now I'm unequipped to handle the plethora of gaming choices I have laid out before me. It also makes me feel extremely dirty every time I buy a new game knowing that I have so many great games just sitting on my shelf waiting to be played.

Right now my game of choice is Kingdoms of Amalur. I'm about a quarter of the way in and I can already feel that nagging feeling that I should be playing something else creeping in. I'm doing my best to fight it off, because I know if I don't I will never get back to this game and I really want to see it through to the end so I can put it in my completed games tab in Steam.

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I used to have that same problem a lot too. If you keep switching around between the same handful it doesn't matter because you will eventually chip away at each one. Achievements are a great way to motivate yourself into beating a game.

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I'm pretty much the same way now, I used to only play one or two games exclusively for years at a time with maybe a small break when a new game was released or in the off season. But now that those games are dead/no longer fun I'm kind of having trouble finding anything to enjoy for long periods of time.

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My backlog is like 3 games and that's higher than usual.

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Story of my life.. I always have 10+ games installed and I keep jumping between them until I reach about 60% of each one and then the story escalation and the leap in the difficulty and challenges put me off and I feel I need a new beginning in a new universe with new characters. 
Sadly I have no cure for you. I've started to kinda force myself to keep a game on my hard drive and keep pushing forward. Witcher 2, Bastion and Alice: Madness Returns have become a nightmare.

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Don't blame yourself, blame the games not being good enough to keep pulling you back in. That's what I've had to start doing in the last year or so.

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I feel you, i've got about 7 games at the moment that would consider active and I almost bought Amalur today on a whim, I don't even like that sort of game.

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I hear ya i'm always doing that sort of stuff. Right now though it seems i'm more in a gaming rut than anything. I beat dark souls like a week ago and I just dont feel like getting into a game right now. This has never happened to me before but I just dont feel like playing video games lately. I havent touched a game in a week which is crazy for me.

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I'm very much the same. I have whole bunch of games waiting to be played, some from a year or two ago.

Number 50. on your list 'steam' is a doozy. But I don't count steam as my backlog because there is like a hundred games on that thing I haven't touched. Those multi-game sale packs are the cause of that. Like that Tell tale pack, I'm never getting through that bitch.

I think I'll make a backlog list now. Should help me get through them.

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While my backlog isn't as large, I still need to finish The Witcher and start/play/finish The Witcher 2, Metro 2033, Skyrim, Ico, Shadow of The Colossus, Rayman Origins, Valkyria Chronicles, Costume Quest, Dawn of War 2 and Sonic Generations before real games start to come out, which gives me two weeks... I don't play enough games to finish what I start.

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@crusader8463: Take your backlog list and choose the three games that most entice you. Finish off the campaign or get as far you can in those games til you're bored. Then sell or lend those games out and move on to the next 3 games on the list. Willpower your way into not playing anything else besides those particular 3 games, and most importantly don't buy a game until you've finished at least one game. If there's a game you know you'll never finish, sell/trade it, even if that's painful. I hate having a backlog and haven't bought a thing since Skyrim. Nor will a buy a thing until ME3. Discipline, young grasshopper!

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I don't have this problem much, unless you consider all of my barely played Steam sales games a problem. If I buy a disk, or invest a significant amount of money in a game, I am playing it the whole way through.

Maybe you should just force yourself to play through a whole game to try and break the habit, and after a few times it will become natural?

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You should probably see a good therapist.