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Hey everyone, I've made a game! It's a first person horror game (no it's not a fucking slender game) where you play as a paranormal investigator.

I want to hear what you guys think of it, please give me constructive criticism and helpful tips. Also, tell me if you managed to find any ghosts!

You can get the demo here http://www.hauntedinvestigationsgame.com/

Enjoy! =)

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You answered your own question. Thread over.

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Well, based on some of the videos, this is Stalker right? Looks interesting though, but I've no interest in horror games.

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You did? D:

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@TyCobb: emh... no.

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i cant figure out how to download it. maybe im stupid?

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With zombies in it?

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@TyCobb said:

You answered your own question. Thread over.