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My name is Oguz Derin. I’m thirteen years old. I live in Turkey. This game is what i learnt in three months. I learned both basic modeling and programming in three months, it is very good for me. I categorize the game as a Endless Parkour. It is a parkour game but looks some incomplete. I was going to make the game better but schools are open now in my country. So i must share it. I want to complete rest of the game with your ideas.

Send your ideas here: http://mehmetoguzderin.com/?page_id=56

But anyways, i love the kind of Mirror’s Edge games. So I developed this game, enjoy! The game is free, forever! Thanks for your support, i always want to be an game developer. I hope you like! And waiting your recommends on both AppStore and my website.

Also game has Titans before Titanfall :D

Game Name: HiRun


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Congrats! Do you see yourself making games professionally?

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I love that you took it seriously! XD

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You are now famous in the Giant Bomb community! EFFECTIVE IMMEDIATELY!

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Well done sir! Was this done in Unity, or some other engine?

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@theht: Absolutely not :D But maybe on future. Also thanks.

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@tarsier Uhh...yeah, so...like...umm. You should come over here for a moment.

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Well, you showed that guy!

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Also I'm still waiting your ideas for updates :P

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@hamst3r said:

@tarsier Uhh...yeah, so...like...umm. You should come over here for a moment.

Good thing that @tarsier didn't say "Murder one of the GB crew." or else we all would be most unhappy right now. Also MedalOfMode....don't murder one of the Gb crew.

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Now get a premium membership. And use black background.

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