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For me, I played Heihachi first before anyone else.
What about all of you?

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Yung-Sung. SC2 was my favourite of the series.

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Xianghua is my favorite Soul Calibur II character.  I wish I still had my copy of the game because SCIII and IV didn't do it for me.

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@Fanboy:  Me too. I like to play Heihachi.
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Once I got used to Raphael he became my go-to guy. 
And I have yet to play with Necris.

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I played Link first since I had it on GC, but after a bit I got into Xianghua, Sung Mina, Yun Sung, Nightmare, Cassandra, Sophitia. Lots of characters. God I loved that game!

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It depends on what system. 
I really liked Link in the GameCube version. 
But overall, Maxi is still my all-round favorite. 
Kilik is a good second.
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 Raphael was my man, I loved his fast attack style.

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I went straight to Link in SC II.

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glad to see other Raphael fans here.

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I would go Link, but if I was playing with friends I go Raphael, he can juggle some bitches.

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I was usually a Kilik guy, a little Maxi for fun.