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Hey everybody,

I know threads about Patrick have been played out for a year or two now; but I feel I have to make one after the latest podcast.

I remember when the fellow first joined he was met with overwhelming vitriol and spite. I never quite understood it, even at the time. The only time I ever encountered anything negative with Patrick was possibly the Nolan North interview, but even then it wasn't really bothersome.

I think it has to be said: Patrick is one of the best things that ever happened to this site.

I've chatted with Patrick a few times now, including a couple very short back & forths through Giant Bomb, as well as a few conversations at PAX East. He's an extremely kind guy, and it is easy to tell he is genuine in everything he does.

He puts in an absolute ton of work, especially with his weekly "Worth Reading" articles, the random videos he does from home (including when he did the Wii U stuff over break a while ago, and Spooking with Scoops), the interview dump truck, and taking the time to research things the other guys simply won't put the time into. Hell, even when he went through a big injury he was in the office just a few days later to participate in that live stream!

As alluded to earlier, the Iceland talk on this week's podcast has actually tipped my interests from 'passively intrigued' to 'actively excited' when it comes to the idea of visiting the country. I also have a history of being fairly closed to the idea of MMOs, but all of the talk of fanfest has really piqued those interests as well - may end up giving it a shot.


Even if no-one takes a look at this thread and it disappears into obscurity, I just wanted to create it in order to express my appreciation for the work you do, @patrickklepek.

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somebody in the bombcast comment section was complaining that patrick played games that were already talked about so clearly he's terrible and barely has a personality (it was pretty funny really).

much love for scoops all up in here

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Patrick is awesome!!!!! I want weekly (or bi weekly) spookin with scoops to become a reality

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Scoops isn't always in a place where I see eye to eye with him, but he's damn good at what he does.

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Both positive and negative threads on this subject are redundant. I'm going to lock this because it serves no purpose other than "Yay Patrick!" which doesn't promote meaningful discussion and only serves to encourage stupid "Boo Patrick!" counter-arguments.