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A Blog For The Working Gamer


I have made several attempts to start blogging. Most under the site-name of Highdefgamer.net, however, I was never able to strike my own internal blogging chord. I didn't know why.. just never got there, until now.

The problem was that, I like games... alot, and I also enjoy writing about them (a virtual outlet, discussing my favorite hobby). For the longest time I was convinced that I wanted to run a semi-large game site, and somehow attempt to crunch all of the numbers, and write all of the reviews about the newest and latest games. However I found, like I presume many that have gone before me have, that running a game site was a metric ton (if not two) of work, and I simply did not have the time for it. For goodness sakes (yep I said it) I have a full time job!    Read More... 
as an aside:  
Thanks for reading this, I would appreciate it if you would go check out the blog, but no pressure. Just getting started on the blog.  
Over and out. 
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I welcome you to the GB blogging community, however you'll find that advertising for out-of-site blogs is frowned upon here, as in most discussion forums.

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@End_Boss:   Thanks for the comment, but just to clarify, I did identify this as a blog post (like most blog posts are identified as on this site)  I am not new to the GB Community, I registered for the site and started contributing the day the public beta began.  
The site that I linked off to is not a professional site. It is just my personal gaming blog, I do not and never will do any type of advertising. Anyway, I apologize if I was unclear about my intentions going in.