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Isn't the game real short, I think a game needs to be 30+ hours to be considered endurance material.

Dragon Age II now that would be an endurance run.

DMC is perhaps like 5-6 hours long on average, though given how much trouble Brad had with Nelo Angelo, it would no doubt take him a fair while to complete it. I'd envision him getting stuck at the third Nelo Angelo fight, as he's easily the toughest boss in the game.

Plus we don't know if Brad's planning on playing through the entirety of DMC. Next episode he may well just move onto DMC2 or DMC3 -- though hopefully he'll just skip DMC2 altogether.

I'd like to see him play each game until he gets officially sick of them, I guess. I'd actually like to see him play DMC2 for the potential hilarity that may ensue.

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I hope they don't stop at DMC1. I really want to see him get to DMC3, especially considering he hasn't even played that game at all yet.

Actually, he has played the game..



Then his DmC review was very misleading! I can never trust a Bradley Shoemaker review ever again. No wonder people were so mad about that review in particular.

I am just kidding.

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Any kind of endurance run is overdue, it was the reason I first visited this site like alot of people

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First rule of the Endurance Run is we don't talk about the Endurance Run.

What are the other rules

We never discussed other rules, may I refer you to rule one.

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I was watching Man from MANvsGAME play through the Dante campaign last night and holy hell. I remember that game being bad but I don't remember just how absurdly bland and boring the game and mainly Dante's character were. I swear he speaks less than 20-25 lines throughout the entire game. I wanted to see Brad play that one as well but now I'd have no problem if he decided to skip it.

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I am a fan of endurance runs. Especially fun endurance runs. Do it, Brad.

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If he is planning to play through DMC3 he should really play the ' original ' and not the special edition. Not hard enough for our Brad!

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If he did play through all of them then yes, but I don't think he plans to. My take away was that he was just going to play the first 1-2 hours of each game in various segments. Would be neat if he did a little ER of them.

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Because they're not used to the new office, Bradley May Cry is on hold indefinitely. In other news, there's an Endurance Run getting cooked up, I can feel it.

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@Kidavenger said:

Isn't the game real short, I think a game needs to be 30+ hours to be considered endurance material.

Dragon Age II now that would be an endurance run.

Fuck both of those statements. The first fuck comes more form the staff though, because I think they are tired of really long ERs. Plus, isn't the idea to play through the series potentially? Add the first three games together and you get a decent bit of time. Plus the whole "dying a lot" thing.

And no, if they do Dragon Age II I'll have to sit through someone playing Dragon Age II, and I don't want to do that, not even a little. Origins? Maybe, sure, even though I've played it a million times and would be infuriated by them not getting the healer right off the bat. But no, I don't think either of those games are really ER material. One is awesome and everyone's played it, and the other is Dragon Age II. I think there needs to be something special to the ER. Brad May Cry kind of fits that by putting Brad through a very difficult franchise. Dragon Age II is just a mediocre fantasy game that pissed off most of the people looking for an actual sequel to Origins.