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And there we go 507,000 down with 6 hours to go! Boom! time to celebrate! who will be watching the Livestream? 8 days ago they were just over 150,000... with a monumental task of achieving 500,000 by today.. but in the last week there has been a real swell in support for the project down in part to current backers efforts of spreading the word about a game they believe in!

Who here has heard of, and or funded the game? anybody not heard of it yet?

here is the link check it out http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/486250632/republique-by-camouflaj-logan

only about 6 hours left if you want to support the game and get in on one of the most remarkable Kickstarter comebacks yet!


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heard of it, don't want to fund it.

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Has to be. I upped my donation to 30 dollars yesterday. I'm so happy that it got funded. Also, maybe we'll see 8-4 translate the game for Japan? That would be awesome and plausible, those guys are friends with Ryan Payton

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I'll be checking out the livestream. I'm glad to hear they made it and I'll be getting the game with their creative vision, but man, what close one.

I'm not a big iOS gamer either, but I will be playing on my iPod Touch and PC.

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Awesome! Not an iOS gamer, and have no intention of playing it, but I've always had a lot of respect for Payton, and was hoping this would turn around. I bet those guys are on Cloud 9 right now.

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Good for them. I think they would have been funded a lot sooner if they had offered a PC option day one; the bulk of funders on kickstarter are interested in PC games at the moment, so I would think there would be far few people willing to support a strictly iOS project.

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I threw in my $15 right after it went over $500 000 so I'm basically useless.

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I am genuinely excited for this game and happy for them that it will get made. I didn't Kick it because that's not a thing I do but I'll certainly buy it when it comes out on iOS.

I used to be an Apple hater until I got an iPod Touch. The best software is elegant and better to use than a desktop, but most iOS software isn't. The software needs to be very particular about its design in terms of input, and not all software is suited to touch.

From the pitch of this game, it seems like they really get it - don't make a game that is awkward to play, make a game designed around the control options available.

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@Quarters said:

Awesome! Not an iOS gamer, and have no intention of playing it, but I've always had a lot of respect for Payton, and was hoping this would turn around. I bet those guys are on Cloud 9 right now.

Not just coming to iOS they are also doing PC and Mac versions.

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I've heard about it, but never really looked into it much. I'm glad they've reached their goal because it sounds different, at least (the concept of ordering around an AI companion isn't new, but hasn't been done often, and is certainly not often done well). I also like the idea of pushing forward with non-casual gaming for portable devices, even if only Apple ones... I just don't know if I want it; especially since I can only play the PC/Mac version, when it's a touch-based game by design (and even if they claim to be designing a unique PC version).

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@EvilKatarn said:

I threw in my $15 right after it went over $500 000 so I'm basically useless.

Not so. Anything extra is just extra frosting on the cake. And who doesn't like extra frosting?

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Nah man, Star Light Incuption was the nail-biter.  
Niche space combat/management game that never got featured on Kickstarter's Staff Picks page (fuckers) desperately being retweeted for the last few hours, gets to its goal with 10-20 minutes left and then the most generous donation ever comes in to seal the deal. 

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I was in for $50 since day one. Upped it to $60 once PC hit the table as a platform since that meant, ya know, I'd actually be able to play it.

So pumped for these guys, hopefully they can deliver.

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I wonder if its initial iOS-only rewards kept many people, like myself, away. I thought the concept was cool, but I didn't really care to fund an iOS-only game, even if I do own a couple of iOS devices. I pretty much ignored it until sometime after they added Mac/PC to the offerings.

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This was a pretty awesome comeback. I threw some dollars at it solely because it looked neat but didn't look like it would get funded. And surprise! Here it is sneaking past goal in the last few hours.

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Glad it got funded, but holy hell the amount of spam on my twitter feed for it (granted i should have suspected this from following various game journos) was annoying not to mention being fatigued of Kickstarter games already

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I went in on it this morning to try and help push it over. Glad it succeeded.

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What happens if it goes over the proposed sum? Do they subtract small sums from everyone? or do they get the full sum?

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I stayed away from Kickstarter for the most part, as I never had any affinity for Double Fine or most of the other big games being announced or resuscitated through that system, and I mostly stayed away from Republique. I went ahead and read all of the information and preliminary gameplay videos they had and became instantly interested. I dropped fifty dollars when it was sitting around the 420,000 mark. Glad to see they made it, and now they can get the extra five-hundred from their corporate backer.

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Yeah I never had the same affinity for double fine that many do... and I have been very cynical about kickstarter, but yeah similar to you after watching the videos and reading the info about the game and their aims for it I said to myself I would back them once they got over 300,000 and they did... it was over 525,000 last I checked!

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@Zirilius: Snap, really? In that case, I'll totally play it. Nice.