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I wanted to play Tetris Battle Gaiden. Is that a crime? Must be, since I am having a ton of issues.

Ordered a copy that is on its way. However my shinny 'new' Japanese Super Famicom is having none of it. I can't seem to get it to work on any of my LCD tvs. I have tried a known working set of cables as well from my US N64.

Am I missing something on why it simply will not work? Resolution issue? Should I just find a RF adapted and try that?

The Super Famicom was purchased by a well rated ebay seller in Japan so I don't think the system is the issue.


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After multiple games, TVs, cords. simply blowing into the system got one game to work... Some slight cleaning of connectors with q-tips are leading to more working... 
Guess this was a bit of a lie ...
If it wasn't for those articles. 'blowing' into the cart would have been the first thing I tried. 4 hours later.... 
Now to get my 5.1 system to work with it...

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I'd open it up and give it a thorough clean, clean all the dust off the components, remove the cart port housing and use rubbing alcohol to clean the connectors. Also the power cord connector, you can get residue build up there which can tamper with the flow of electricity I'd do all the carts also. it'll prolong the life of the console. Guides should be on Youtube and elsewhere.

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Have you solved your problem yet? I recently purchased one and read that in the US, you needed to be on channel 3 or 4 to use the console. In japan, the consoles were set to channels 95 and 96. Maybe try that out?

You also say you can't get it to work specifically on your LCD tvs. Have you already tried it on a CRT? Or a better question, have you had an experience in which the console has actually functioned at all?

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I got it up and working, as well as all the games. 5.1 Sound is my only issue. Im not sure if the receiver will take the 240 signal at all. But I'll mess with that tomorrow.

For those channel issues i think that would only be an issue if I was using an RF switch, witch I'm not. As for CRTs I don't currently own one in my apartment. Does that make me a bad person? :)

In the end I need to sit down and clean everything later today as Wong_Fei_Hung