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Looking forward to finding a cool shirt from the store! Glad I finally made the plunge!

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High fives!

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Welcome to the club, I joined myself not too long ago!

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Yay! I'd love to subscribe for a year, but I just don't have the money right now. I do get a month's subscription every now and then, though.

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Don't see the point of this thread but

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YEAH! Welcome!

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Welcome to the master race. Is it not nice to get that foul peasant stench washed away? No more hanging out with the simple mortals.

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One of us.

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Welcome to the inner circle! Now you have to go through the "New Premium Member" initiation rite and immediately sit down and watch Vinny and Dave's playthrough of Phantasmagoria. Congratulations, this is now what you're doing for the next five hours.

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I got premium a year ago today, just got renewed. Feels good.

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Welcome duder!

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Welcome to the rest of your life.