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A brand new scan for the upcoming Kingdom hearts game.

Oh and is there a Kingdom hearts section, if there is can you move this topic there, Im new to this site so i dont know where to put it.

Thank you

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Saturation on handhelds is really draining my interest for this franchise.

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@Atwa: Really, im actually looking forward to this game, im a huge fan to the series, aparently it's set before Kingdom Hearts 3

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Stop making these stupid spin offs. Give us KH3. 

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Most of your threads appear to be a link to this site with little or no elaboration on the subject matter. If this is your primary source of gaming news, you should provide more details in the original post itself; otherwise, it may be considered spam on our forums, since the brunt of the discussion involves clicking the link. If you're attempting to advertise that site, which is my assumption...well, please don't. Advertising's against the forum rules.

Either way, there's not enough substance here in the topic to pass muster. A link to an untranslated scan by itself does not make for much of a topic.