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Didn't there use to be a live webcam feed to the old offices that premium members could log into? Or was this all just paint thinner fuled dream?

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Are you thinking of the Big Red Phone?

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There was that really poorly implemented red phone premium members could call and random staff members would pick up. It was quickly canned though.

A stalker cam of the office also sounds like a horrible idea.

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The Big Red Phone was brilliant as the Big Live Live Show Live 2 festivities went on, but it's no good for average days at the office.

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A live webcam of the empty old office sounds like a hilarious idea.

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They should set up a skype account and spray paint a computer red so the europeans can get in on a new high tech future version of the big red phone. If I had more knowledge in Starcraft I would insert a character who is pretty red for their computer name.

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@ravenlight: That's totally what I thought was being posited here. Glad to know I'm not the only one insane enough to be excited about that.