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Watching through Giant Bomb's 5-hour retro gaming session got me through a long dull train journey to my family home. When they were playing with "Make My Video - Marky Mark" it occurred to me how easy (and possibly amusing) it would be to make a Giant Bomb version of Make My Video. So I did just that. Only took about a day and half to make and like the original you can't really produce anything good with it, but it's amusing non the less.
So Merry Christmas everyone. I've only been following Giant Bomb for a year now but they've gotten me over my scrooge like hatred of most games journalism. So I hope everyone gets a kick out of this silly little game I've made:
Make My Video - Giant Bomb [Windows 221MB]
Make My Video - Giant Bomb [OSX 227MB] 


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I wish to see an actual finished product of this, since I'm too lazy to download it :P.

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Maybe someone will record a finished video from it. You'd need to use some screen capture as I didn't write any kind of exporter. But to be honest the results from it are always gonna look dreadful. Much like the original. ^_^

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Did you convert the videos to some weird GIF/MP3 combination to ensure horrible quality?
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hahah I considered it. But in the end laziness won out I'm afraid so they're fairly high quality. But the random assortment of junk I threw in there is never going to produce a music video anyone would consider "watchable" ^_^