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When you haven't anything at all for a month and then start playing again you see how awesome they are. Ooh the day goes by so much quicker, you don't want to kill yourself from boredom anymore. I have to take a month off every three months because I have either arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome. After that month of rest, it's like playing stuff for the first time.

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Wow. Well that 'having carpal tunnel, sucks man. Do you do PC gaming, more? ~ Seems like it'd be easier? I'm not even sure..

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I was hoping to hear about what a "man game" was. Why do you leave me wanting?

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What about guy games?

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@jz Carpal Tunnel is a bitch man.

@peasantabuse Wasn't that game recalled for featuring a minor?

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@grimluck343: Yep, I wonder if Jeff has a copy hanging out in his garage somewhere. brb calling the police.

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This thread isn't what I thought, where did I put my pants?

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Well, I was gonna put this up earlier, and now doesn't seem like such a good time either.