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Hi chaps and chapettes. I'm looking for some recommendations for a new PC monitor I'll also be using for console gaming. Ideally something big enought to do coding on and be a decent tv substitute for a smallish room. It's been ages since I looked at stand alone monitors so any advice would be appreciated!

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If you're only looking for console gaming a resolution higher than 1920x1080 is probably going to be overkill and pricey as well. PC Part Picker is a really good site to start at. Filter for your preferred resolution, screen size and number of HDMI ports (important for console gaming) and find something that fits in your price range.

That said, I recently bought a 27" Asus PC278Q for $600 and I absolutely love it. It was mainly for PC gaming at 2560x1440, but I also have my consoles connected to it. If I remember correctly, there's a lower end version of this monitor that supports 1080p for half that price.

In my limited experience, BenQ, Viewsonic, LG, Samsung, Asus and Dell are brands you can trust when it comes to PC monitors. Some of those brands are also unusually cheaper than their competitors. What I'm saying is, decide what you want exactly and then look for a good price/decent reviews within your criteria.

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What's your budget? How large of a monitor do you want: 24"? 27"?