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Hi, friends I am Power seller College new to this site but heard a lot for this site from my friends.I want to be a

member of this site & want to participate in the group discussions with you all.I hope you will allow me & help me for it.

Best regards,

Power seller College

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You have a really good name. I like you.

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Can't. Flag. Post.

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Should I even flag this?

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I honestly can't tell if this is spam or just a dude with a badass name and broken English to back it up.

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Hold up. Was the user name Power Seller College already taken?

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@powersc: Hi Power Seller College I am RockmanBionics I like Mega Man as you can probably tell lol, even if he is the Japanese version. We are all very friendly here and welcome you top our wonderful community.

What Videogames do you like? I am not much for Sports or Wresling myself although if you are it is ok 'cause like I said we are all very frinedly here. Also all friendship threads of new users must have links to the Rules, I am sorry baut that is The Law.