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I just got my discount code through for renewing and have noticed there are no longer any charities in the store to throw my money towards. As I live in the UK and don't really wear printed shirts I don't want to buy the physical goods but it would be great if this $15 could actually have some use.

Last year I put it towards the tested Octoberkast fund but I guess now they are separate companies the same won't happen again.

So is there any chance we could have this part of the store return?

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Huh, you're right. I wonder why that happened.

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Worthy causes now include.... CBS shareholders pockets. Have a pleasant day!

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I'm sure they'll get round to sorting that out, unecessary negativity notwithstanding.

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The store is in a very transitional form right now, and they stripped a lot of stuff out of it (aside from t-shirts) after the CBSi buyout. I imagine that if Dave and Alexis and whoever had more time, they would remove those categories (like worthy causes) that are currently empty, but there's probably no point when they're busy working on the new site, which presumably includes a new store page.

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Yeah, I looked at getting a GB hoodie recently, I was disappointed to see there were only T-Shirts. I hope they get the store up and running again soon.

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didnt they say on the podcast this week they were added more shirts and hoodies to the store? maybe they will fix the store up with that?