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Considering Ryan's love for Hi-Def face/neck stabbing, does anyone know if Giantbomb will be covering the Assassin's Creed Revelations Beta this week?  
No word from last week's or this week's 'I love mondays' about any sort of coverage. And yeah I know, giantbomb doesn't have time to cover everything. But doesn't it seem strange that this would bypass the watchful eye of Mr. Davis himself? Surely he wouldn't want to miss out on any stabbing, but maybe he already got his stabbing fix in the Rise of Nightmares Quick Look.....

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Isn't already over or over really soon? 
Edit: Oh it looks like they have extended it  hopefully they'll take a look at it. 

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@Gav47: Nope, they just extended it to Sept. 17th.
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I'm sure they'll do the full-version in November anyway, no biggie.