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I have recently come into possession of a box full of old Xbox (Not 360) games. No local pawn shops or EBgames will take them. I have no need for these games since about half are duplicates and the rest are sports games I will never play.

Anyone got a suggestion on how to get these things out of my life and off my floor? (Aside from just throwing them in the garbage / destroying them.)

I'm not broke or anything. I just don't need them lying around my house forever.

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Amazon Marketplace or Ebay. Just sell it as a lot and don't set a reserve if you sell it on Ebay. Even if they don't pay a lot, they will cover shipping so you won't lose anything.

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I'll take them.

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Send them out to random duders. Never know, you could make someone's day/week for a complete stranger. Good karma for you, free game for them. =D (And if you truly need to get rid of them I could always take some off your hands xD)

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Jeff's usual answer of dumping any unwanted items in the creek seems pretty apt here.

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I'll give you 25 dollars for them. What are they?

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Give them to some kids who can't afford games. Play it forward man................

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pawn or donate?

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Put them in a box. Put box on street. Add sign saying "Free games". Problem solved.

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Have any friends or family that would want them, just give them to them. You won't make that much money off of them anyway, might as well be a nice gesture.

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sell the interesting ones on ebay. or on amazon marketplace but offer international shipping - lots more potential customers who might JUST be looking for that one game!

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Well most original xbox games aren't worth anything, the sports games are especially worthless, so unless you have something kind of sought after like Psychonaughts or one of the GTAs don't expect too much. I think Star Wars Battlefront 2 used to be worth a little bit.

A suggestion that would cost you a little bit of money but would be worth it is try to find a working xbox for cheap and donate the whole package to a local orphanage.

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Put them in the internet and money will come out!

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Throwing them into the creek is not an option. I got a dumb friend who keeps trying to swim there...

Side of the road isn't an option, crack heads take this as a sign to try and break into the house. To much of that going on lately.

No one I know owns an old Xbox. Weird.

Going to do a game by game search on eBay/amazon and see what I can do for a lot sale. Also I live in the middle of bloody nowhere and Shipping is a bastard, so having some one else pay that for once would be awesome!

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I would gladly lift this burden from you!