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I'm trying to remember a game I played a looooong time ago. I think it was on pc. It was a fantasy game with either a 3d or 2.5d perspective. All I can remember is starting off in a forest by a cabin or house then something bad happening and leaving to the left. There was a city that you entered and once you crossed a bridge there was a genie sitting on a flying carpet that offered to help by acting as save points. You continue and I remember a boat leaving the harbour. That's about all I remember. Oh and your character is an adult male and a old man helps you fight and its a fantasy game.

If anybody could get me on the right track it would be much appreciated.

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Try searching for images on GOG (good old games).

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ive tried and i couldnt find it

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Try asking the GOG forum, it is full of people who play older titles.

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done. but i think ill keep this one open too just in case

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gog forums helped me out its silver. a pc role=playing game from 1999