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I thought I would share with everyone this online game which i found, i am guessing that some of you will know it already but I thought it was one of the best "Online" Shooters I found although i do not trawl the internet searching for games, if you find a better one please tell me an i'll check it out.

This Game Has...

  • Zombies.
  • Upgradable Magazine size for Weapon.
  • Optional Laser sight.
  • Variable settings of; Graphics, Zombie Health, Body Decay time, Sound Effects and Soundtrack Volume and Blood Fade time.
  • Decent Length
  • Choice of Weapon i.e. Rifle/Grenade lancher
    Zombie Jumps Down
  • Bats
  • Different choice of fire mode i.e. Single/Burst/Auto
  • Light "Puzzle" solving
  • Lots of Zombies
  • Decent Graphics

Zombie w/toilet paper on leg

Loads of Zombies
Main Rifle w/Lasersight

Self Explanatory

Here is a Video


You have a choice of two sites to play on, choose whichever you find most reputable.

For Stickpage
Click Here
For GamezHero
Click Here
Google It
Click Here

Hope You Enjoy It.

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I'm down, it seems alright from the couple seconds of video I watched.