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Im sure someone smarter than me, which will not be hard, will present a poll in the coming weeks on what was gaming most important news item this year. These are just some that i could remember, but please include your thoughts and im sure someone could use this as a base for a final poll. In no particular order:
1. Legends of the industry leaving. I.e. The Dr.s, CliffyB, Peter M. leaves lionhead, Jaffe making handheld games
2. Indie games and developers continue to provide influential,strong content, and exceed sales. DayZ, Fez, Mark of the Ninja, Dust to name just a few.
3. Nintendo Power, and Playstation magazine ending circulation and Xplay cancelled.
4. Ouya announced.
5. E3 dissapointing.
6. "Just when i thought i was out....they pull me back in!" GOW Acension, GOW Judgment announced.
7. It's 2007 all over again! COD, Halo, and Mario released this holiday to strong sales.
8. Wii U success, failure, who knows?
9. Reviewers disagreeing with...reviewers? Resident evil 6 and ZombieU come to mind.
10. The continuing struggles of THQ.
11. New IPS still be created for this generation. Dishonored, Star Wars 1313, Dust 514, Beyond Two Souls, Last Of Us, Watch Dogs to name just a few. 
12. {your input needed here and below}

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Most of these are just not news...at all. If anything from that list, it's Ouya, the amount of support that system got is incredible - even if the thing itself seems dubious.

Also, is a Star Wars really a new IP?

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@BeachThunder: The Ouya looks completely dumb, still can't believe people fell for their bs, but I digress.

Overall nothing this year, news wise, stands out to me.

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Most of these are trends instead of news unless you want each individual contribution to a trend to be an individual news item. Then I'd say the Doctors retiring is the bigest news. It's too early to tell if Ouya and WiiU are as important as the Doctors. Star Wars and Dust 514 aren't new IP.