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I downloaded the recent Nvidia driver for Bioshock Infinite, and now whenever I try to start up Oblivion I get this message in a little window: "Failed to initialize renderer. NiXAdapterDesc::GetDeviceCaps()failed". The only info I can find about this error is a microsoft support forum from 2009 which hasn't really been much help.

If you downloaded the driver, would you mind trying to boot up Oblivion and reporting back if it works? And if you know how to fix it, I'd gladly take an answer!

(I wasn't sure if this should have went specifically in the Oblivion forum or not.)

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Too little information to provide good help. What's your setup? Is it a custom build or pre-made? Did you do a clean install of the drivers or just update?

It's a driver issue to be sure, but we need more to be able to pinpoint what. What I think is happening is that Oblivion is saying "hey, your GPU is not compatible, sorry" even though it is.

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@llamaegg: I built my PC myself. I have a GeForce GTX 560 which is listed as being compatible on the page, and it doesn't have any specific problems listed in the Release Notes. I updated the driver, not a fresh install. Though I have tried to rollback the driver which didn't work.

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Does the error list itself as "Failed to initialize tenderer"? Did you restart your computer after the driver update? Open the start menu and search for dxdiag, what does it list for display 1? Try opening another game, is it still vomiting the error out?

Chances are it's a driver issue, not that driver, but something messing up during the update (which is why it doesn't list it as a problem under release notes).

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Window that pops up
This is what I assume you mean by display 1
  • I've messed with downloading, restarting, uninstalling, rolling back, installing of multiple items now. I think I've downloaded the driver twice now. But the computer has definitely been off since I first downloaded it.

  • No problems with any other game. Everything, including Skyrim, Fallout, F:NewVegas.

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@sgtpierceface: Is it a Beta driver specifically for Bioshock, or the most recent driver that has Bioshock optimizations? I'll download Oblivion and try it out but I need to know exactly what driver you're having problems with.

Good excuse to play Oblivion again too I guess. lol.

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@sgtpierceface: Yeah, game runs perfectly fine for me. I'm on a GTX 680. Did the game work up until recently? I'd suggest reinstalling the driver real quick. Some times things go a little wrong and you get issues. I had problems with any PhysX game recently because of a bad install, but you can just reinstall and that almost always fixes the problem. Just run the installer again and see if that fixes the problem!

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@mordeaniischaos: I already did a lot of messing with it already. But I suppose I could give it another shot.