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I never played the original Dungeon Keeper so I won't be weighing in on this. Just thought that since Tim Schafer's current project is taking off so successfully then this is a logical thing to consider.

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wait what is this? a question? maybe its the wording but i have no idea what you are trying to say.

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@billymagnum: Agreed, thread title is poor. Which Kickstarter do I want more, I guess? The Psychonauts KS would never succeed if they asked for the right amount of money ($15+ million). So I guess Dungeon Keeper? I don't see how these 2 hypothetical games are remotely related.

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Psychonauts would only work if it was funded as an episodic game (with only the first episode or two being funded in the initial run). It would simply cost too much.

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There is a Dungeon Keeper of sorts that has already been Start Kicked.


Peter Molyneux himself supports and it wears the Dungeon Keeper vibe heavily on its sleeve.

So that is super exciting given the garbage that was that ios disaster recently.

As for Psychonauts, or double fine sequels in general, they just don't seem like they care to go that route, and honestly? Good! I love a lot of Double Fine games and I love how each one is different then the last, I can love Brutal Legend because there never was a sequel for Psychonauts, I can love Broken Age because there was never a sequel for Brutal Legend, etc.

The ending of Psychonauts did leave room for a sequel sure, but, I kind of like seeing new content more then just another entry into a games series.

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I'm confused. What are we considering here? I don't understand why Dungeon Keeper and Psychonauts 2 is an either/or choice.

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Oh, I apologize for not doing my homework... why did I think dungeon keeper was Tim Schafer? Lol replace it with Grim Fandango then and yeah I'm wondering which everyone wants more.

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oooooooooooooooooooooooooookaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay? lol

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You could buy original Dungeon Keeper from GoG.com if your interested.

And also Psychonauts 2 was about 2 years ago when Notch from Minecraft announce he would help fund a Psychonauts sequel. And then Tim Scaffer explained more about the production costs and just scared away more of the fans who were more concerned with Broke Age and smaller indie games instead. It could happen but again that was 2 years ago since we heard of it.

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Psychonauts is something else. One of my favorite games ever.

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I thought this was about a Psychonauts/Dungeon Keeper crossover fighting game being kickstarted. Boo!