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#52 Posted by ectoplasma (1034 posts) -

I really wanna see MDK for Random PC Game! I think folks would enjoy it.

#53 Posted by Zero_ (2012 posts) -

Random PC game and load our last save we're the best features. Loved that fantasmagoria and that weird stargate like game

#54 Posted by Humanity (11453 posts) -

Sadly I don't think it will come as soon as we think. Even after they finally get this site stable and running at 100% which who knows how long it will take - then they have to immediately jump on Comic Vine if they're not already splitting time between making this site even load up for most users, and re-integrating Comic Vine into the new layout as fast as possible while their registration is locked down.

#55 Posted by zudthespud (3327 posts) -

I'd love to see more Flight Club videos, and maybe in different kinds of simulations like racing simulations. Watching them take on iracing or something would be awesome.