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whcih one should i get... i know that dead space is scarier that resident evil but i have enjoyed all the evil games that i have played 
though never to completion. ive watched and read all the reveiws i can find... and i just cant decide.... getting both is not an option. 
so i need some help... thanks all

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Dead Space........hands down, no contest.

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RE4 > Dead Space > RE5

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Dead Space is like ...pie, and as you know...everybody...loves pie.
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They were both quality games, and overall I think I liked Resident Evil more. However, Dead Space has been reduced in price considerably, and Resident Evil has a gold edition on the horizon that will be worth the wait, so I'd pick up Dead Space first.

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YOu could get both on the cheap. Dead Space has a little more atmosphere and B-movie style scare. I preferred RE5 just because it's an awesome game for fans of the series. Just get both, dude! Dead Space is in bargain bins, and RE5 is probably like 30 bucks. On the other hand, RE5 has its gold edition coming out. So get Dead Space today, RE5 tomorrow.

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you should wait for the gold edition of RE 5 coming in march. Get Dead Space
That is exactly what I did two weeks ago

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When Christmas ends, I will probably get Dead Space because of its price.

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I'd say RE5. Although Dead Space was good I just didn't get into it as much as RE5. Plus RE5 coop is awesome.

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Dead Space was an actual evolution for the survival horror genre. It took the RE4 formula and improved upon it. RE5 took one step sideways and one step back.