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Just two games I think we need and hopefully will see in the future. AoE2 and RCT2 are two of my favourite pc games of all time.

Anyone agree?

Also is RCT3 any good? I never played it.

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Back when it came out, I played so much AoE 2. But at this point, I'm very much past traditional RTS games.

I'd be interested to see what they'd do with a new RCT game. To answer your question, 3 was pretty good but overall it didn't have everything that RCT 2 had.

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@ArtisanBreads: I never played it when it came out but when I discovered AoE2..... My god I was so hooked, and still play on occasion till this day. Same thing with RCT2. I still hop back in once in a while.