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I mean, Madden us out, but EA was very upfront about current gen not getting their new graphics engine.

Where as Watch Dogs claims to be coming to Wii U, PS3, & 360, I don't believe they've ever shown anything from those versions. Some footage of Watch Dogs hasn't looked quite as "blow you away" as others, and perhaps that's because some of their demos were the PC version where as major trailers were made on PS4/One.

Call of Duty's stage demo blasted the old graphics engine (the dog), and praised destructible environments, but aren't the current gen games going to have the ugly dog and static environments? If they were possible on the hardware, you'd think they'd have happened already.

Anyway, if there's video of PS3/U/360 versions of Black Flag, Ghosts, NFS Rivals, Watch Dogs, BF4, I'd like to see em!

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good luck finding any of that before it's actually released.