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Hey duders,

I made a prototype for a game concept I have in the works, I'd love to know what you think about it, and if it has potential to eventually become a full-fledged thing. You can play it in your browser right here. (Works best on Chrome).

It got a really nice review from IndieGames.com, I kept a development diary of the prototype too.

I know, I know, I went for an oldschool retro pixel graphics just like everyone and their moms does nowadays, but it's an art style I can pull off considerably well.

You can move with keys or WASD. You aim your gun with Shift. That always seems to confuse people, I think I should change the up arrow to a "Shft" or something :/

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At an airport right now but will check it out in a while. Commenting to bump your post :)

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Took me awhile to figure out that the upwards arrow meant to press Shift. Probably should have read the whole post first, but yeah, you should change it to "shift" :)

Also, I can only guess the reason this post has so few views is because the sentence structure in your topic title is kinda... incoherent.

Cool little proof of concept, though. Are you planning on scaling up the cabinet's screen at all? It's probably smaller than it really needs to be... right?

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@development: Thanks!

I made the whole game play in a 128x128 screen, pixel-perfect. It was part of my personal "challenge", so you're actually seeing it scaled twice already. The normal chrome zoom works if you want to see it bigger. If I make it into a full-fledged thing, It will definitely run full-screen. :)

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One last bump before I head for bed :3

All feedback, good and bad is welcome and helpful!

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Pretty fun. Sometimes the randomness was not with me and I was screwed right from the start. It definitely nails the "desperation" part of the zombie/survival theme. There were many times when I was trying to frantically push a desk to block a door, only to have the zombies bust through and eat my delicious, delicious brains.

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Yeah, I noticed that the parts when you walk into a room and the doors are being pounded in all directions and everything gets hectic are the best parts.

I'm glad you think it's fun, it's real important to me that the basic core gameplay is fun before building on top of it.

I want to add a "town map" to it, so you are navigating through houses in town (talked a bit about it in the dev diary thing) . Also more furniture and room variety, different enemy types and AI, maybe some survivors and shops, some persistence and actual progression.