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Hey Bombers, over my short time on this earth I've found that the most interesting musical discoveries I've made have been of "local" or unsigned artists. So I figured I'd make a thread for folks to share a Youtube link (or other media outlet) that features their favorite local artist. I'll start it off with The Rural Alberta Advantage's single "Don't Haunt This Place" (the up-loader named it incorrectly).

EDIT: Try to refrain from posting well-known or mainstream artists, not because they aren't "worthy," only because there will probably already be a large number of people following them.


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Like Bands in my Area? I live in Tampa FL which is home to alot of local artists

Angel Corpse, and Cannibal Corpse are Tampa Bay region based

As for Hip-Hop artists there's alot of DJs down here too

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One guy I hate comes from here.

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Here's the myspace for Switchblade a local metal band from Sydney who have supported Nevermore, Machine Head, & Trivium.

Fun live stuff.

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CL60 said:
One guy I hate comes from here.
LOL sorry but that was just random and funny as hell

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Here's a fun video to go along with a great song. "Her Morning Elegance" by Oren Lavie.