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Poll: Should I go to the midnight launch for GTAV? (55 votes)

Yes 25%
No 75%

Like some of you, I have to get up early, "4:00a.m." and be at work by 6. What yould you guys do in my shoes? Thanks.

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No, midnight launches are terrible. Worst than the gathering of Juggalos

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I'm going to walk into a 24/7 walmart around 12:30 and grab a copy, but I'm not going to stand in any lines or anything- that's about as close to a midnight launch as I plan on getting.

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Unless you plan on not sleeping, don't do it!

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By the time you get through a line, get home and finally install the 8GB its going to be 1am or later. Considering you need to be up at 4am. Uh... i wouldn't unless you just don't give any fucks about sleeping tonight.

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Midnight launches are stupid. Unless you have a nocturnal sleep cycle and will be up all night, then what the hell is the point? You'll get home, install it, then play for like 45 minutes, just enough to get interested in it alot, then either you have to go to sleep and pick it up again tomorrow, or you stay up later than you should and be tired and miserable the next day, then when you play tomorrow you'll be tired and grumpy.

It's just dumb.

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Fuck that shit.

Personally I was thinking about it until I found out there are like nearly 1k preorders at the Gamestop near me so forget wasting my time in that line.

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Get a good nights sleep and play after work. Midnight launches blow.

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Not if you have to work in the morning, I mean how much time would you really have to play without totally fucking up your whole work day? I work at 8am and never even entertained the idea of the midnight launch.

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this is the only midnight launch i will ever be at.

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Unless you're a hardcore gamer, and absolutely need it on it's first night, I wouldn't do it. I just don't see the point of gamers hanging around the entrance of Gamestop, or even WalMart, for hours until they start selling the game.

That's my honest opinon, though.

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nope, get some sleep and go to work.

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Midnight launches rarely happen in my city as no one goes to them. Once upon a time when Canada received short shrift on the shipping from the US suppliers, sometimes you'd want to get to the store as early as they were willing to sell it just to make sure you could get a copy, from anywhere, on launch day. If you missed the first shipment, back then maybe you wouldn't be able to find a copy until the Thursday or Friday of that week.

But all that's fixed now. Walk in to any brick and mortar any time on the Tuesday and there will be copies (usually).

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When I was in University I went to the midnight launch of Halo 3 with my friends because we were bored and it was a Tuesday. We bought the game and immediately went to sleep, really no point of getting it a midnight. If you intend to play the game go for it.

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That sounds like a really bad idea. The only reason why I'm going to this midnight release is because i don't have class til 1:00pm and it's more of a get together with a bunch of friends than anything else.

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I hear sleep is a pretty rad thing, so I'm going to suggest sleep.

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You shouldn't go. I'm going (just to pick up, spending most of the intervening hours since getting a final receipt sitting at home, 5 minutes from the GameStop), but only because I don't have to work tomorrow.