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Hey Guys

Ive been playing skyrim since release and Ive had no real problems ( a few CTD but nothing major) But ever since patch 1.5 Ive had nothing but trouble things like shadow glitches and other graphical bugs but the worst is that the game randomly black screens ( monitor disconnects completly). When this happens all i can do is turn off my pc which I really dont like doing becouse of the damage this may cause. At this point Ive stopped playing it and am in the process of wating for a new patch (which is all I ever do with bethesda). I guess i just wanna know if anyone else is experiencing this black screen thing? (ps someone said it might have something to do with ATI cards? I'm not sure though)


By the way guys my drivers are updated. I play all my games on pc like Battlefield, saints row, mass effect 3 and the witcher 2. they all run perfect. the only one I have trouble with is skyrim.

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I was having the same issues with shadows/graphical bugs/artifacting,etc.Support'll tell you to verify the game files(worth trying),but if you have AA turned on,turn it off and it should fix it.As far as black screen.....drivers up to date?

EDIT:Also,if you have any visual mods,make sure none of those are conflicting/breaking anything.(i.e. having two snow mods going at once.)

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Surprise, ATI cards not agreeing with a game. I can;t play with higher shadow settings because I get mad artifacting that lets me see through shit as stuff. Try updating your drivers though, seems like a bit of an extreme issue to be having jsut because of a pad game patch.

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