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So yesterday I submitted my game to Ludum Dare after a hectic 48 hours of game making and I would love to know what the GiantBomb community think of it. So far 400 players have played a total of 2500 games of it in 12 hours and it has really blown me away with the reception so far. But not many of them have actually given me some feedback, so this is why I'm here, you've always been good to me in the past!

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If you fancy giving it a go, just head to http://www.dannygoodayle.com/2012/08/28/tones-ludum-dare-24/ and chose the platform you want to play it on (Currently that is Mac, Windows and Web)



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I don't have the plugin so I'll be unable to play your game but based on the video below I have a few gameplay suggestions (It's late and they're probably horrible):

1. I love how the middle square gets bigger but have you thought about letting the player move the square around? Maybe extremely slowly and with the arrow keys. I think it'll add another dimension to the game.

2. Are there any power ups or items? Would be cool if I could pick up an item and use it to instantly destroy objects. Maybe if someone picks up an item and they'll only be able to destroy 25% of the screen. You could number/hotkey 1,2,3,4 to each section of the screen?

Anyhow - you have a very cool looking game with great music.

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Thank you very much, its a shame you haven't managed to play it yourself. However I will be making this into an iOS game as I think it feels right on there, maybe you could try that when it's ready :)

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Haven't tried it myself either but the game has a great look and tone from the vid. If the gameplay shown there is of any indication though, it seems it maybe gets way too intense too quickly...are all the games lasting about 30s-1min?

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This is suuuuuper pretty. Really, really nice work. If you post a link to your LD submission page I can rate it and comment on it for you, if you want. I think that gets you further up in the list so you get more rates and plays and what not.

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@Murdouken: http://www.ludumdare.com/compo/ludum-dare-24/?action=preview&uid=4668 Quite literally no-one has commented. But thank you so much! I can't wait to see how this will play out on an iPad, porting it right now.

@orshick: Yep, all the games are quite short. But the plus side of that is your wrist doesnt die after playing for ten minutes. :D

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Really nice work, now get some badges on Kongregate so I can play it some more! :D

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Looks boring as shit.

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@Khann said:

Looks boring as shit.

How incredibly succinct of you.

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Calls it like I sees it.

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@Khann: Can't please everyone :)