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They demonstrated it in early spring, and it popped up in a few Best Buys shortly after, never saw it since. Assumed it was because they were saving it for the holiday season, but those bundles have since shown up (Forza 4/Skyrim, Kinect One, Halo 4 one).

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You mean the one they sold originally? Because my 360 is white.

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I have a white 360, but it's about 6 years old.

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Yeah JJ that's it. Amazon is for third party sellers though, who seemed to have jacked the price way up.

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I have a white S model. I got for my birthday back in June.

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White is out of fashion. Black consoles are the way to go.

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I was wondering that too, I wanted one but they didn't come out in the UK.

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Still using my white Xbox. Have an elite as well. Gone are the days of those irritating technical problems they once had, for the most part.