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It was my understanding that Steam had a new feature where I could trade games I never opened. I tried to do it and no games were listed as available for trade. Is it not implemented yet or did I screw something else up?

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It's implemented, but I do not know how deeply. It's also only applying to games you got as bonuses for buying other games (buy X game and get a copy of Y game free), as far as I could tell.

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@BionicRadd: Oh, okay, so the games I got as part of the THQ pack don't qualify because they didn't come "with" a specific game I bought.

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Doesn't really have anything to do with whether you "opened" anything. If it's yours, on your account, you can't do anything with it. If you buy a game specifically to be a gift, you can trade that. If you buy a game that comes with a game you already own, in some cases that second copy becomes a gift copy. If you buy four copies of something for friends, those are gift copies, etc. Just cause you haven't played something doesn't mean you can give it away.

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When I first read about it, it sounded like they planned to make it more extensive than that. That has very limited applications. I hope they do expand it to encompass what I mentioned.

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@Veektarius: You can only trade games that you haven't redeemed. You can't trade any game you have.