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By cry, it could be eyes got really watery. It doesn't have to mean you bawled your eyes out!

Mine was in Lost Odyssey and it wasn't a cutscene or anything either. It was the short stories that had emotional music and white text on a black background! Also the end of disc 1 was really emotional as well.

SPOILERS in the thread, be forewarned!

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MGS1, Sniper Wolf.


Honorable Mention: Grandia, Sue's departure.

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Omg sniper wolf, I remember her. That was pretty sad too. That reminds me I have the digital version of MGS1 on PS3, I need to replay it.

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The Walking Dead, the end. Before that, I don't remember ever coming close.

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Shadow of the Colossus, ya'll know the part.

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Super Mario Bros, I was 3 years old and I could never complete the 1-2 level for the life of me and eventually I would give up and start crying.

I know that is not exactly what you mean but no other game has ever even come close to making me cry as all Video Game stories are complete fucking garbage.

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Persona 3

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Pokemon Gold, i played for so much my eyes were teary

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@tsiro said:

The Walking Dead, the end. Before that, I don't remember ever coming close.

I'm one of those cold-hearted motherfuckers who finished the game and didn't really felt touched by anybody else then Ben. He's the only credible guy in the gang for me.

But to answer the topic, MGS3's ending was incredibly touching. The scene where Snake comes back, that is.

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I remember crying near the end of Dragon Age: Origins when your companion members say goodbye to you.

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When I was like six, I wanted to play Tetris but my cousin wouldn't let me then punched me in the face so I cried.

Somewhat true story.

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@tsiro said:

The Walking Dead, the end. Before that, I don't remember ever coming close.

Pretty much this.

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I think it was Chrono Trigger. I did not expect Crono to die like that.

And then when Aeris died in FF7.

And Lost Odyssey got me, too.

The recent The Walking Dead, as well...

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Halo 2, it was such a poor sequel I cried

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aeris's death, FF7.

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Final Fantasy X

Shut up.

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FFX, I ain't even ashamed. That game had some beautiful imagery, and I found a lot of moments really touching. I got a lot of chills in that game, and I can't recall when I cried, but I wanna say it was with her and Tidus in the water, and the ending.

That said, I really wish that I had the fortitude to finish LO because those stories were the saddest things that struck me in all the softest spots.

I might just suck it up and buy it again.

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GTAIV I think.

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It was the ending to FFVII: Crisis Core for me, I was sobbing saying "He became a Hero" (and I put like 70 hours in that game).

And I got all welled up at the big intense part of Journey.

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Haha add one more to the Sniper Wolf group. Her and Grey Fox at the end. Its one of the many reasons MGS1 is the game that has shaped my gaming tastes the most out of any game. It showed me that you could have empathy for characters in a video game. Was the first time that happened to me.

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I was pretty sad at certain moment of MGS1, FFVI, FFVII, and Chrono Trigger but I'm pretty sure the fist time a game made me cry was FFX's ending. Funny thing is I can go back and some of those older moments, such as Wolf's death, will make me cry now. Music is a big part of getting me.

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I can't think of one that did.

What's up with the "...have you cried at any games/movies/books/animes/paintings" threads lately?

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Bastion - as the narration builds and you realize what is going on and what you're going to have to do, I was choking up. The funny part being that the first half of that game was almost completely devoid of any emotional investment for me. By the end, I was hooked.

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To The Moon when you find out the origins of the Platypus and everything starts to come together.

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ICO. Such a bittersweet ending.

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Sorry but I don't cry, the most I can get is chocked up or just feel sorrowful in which case the death of Sniper Wolf in MGS as well as the whole cemetery scene at the end of MGS3.

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Maybe Breath of Fire, because I was so terrified of certain parts that I pleaded my brother not to play the game. Or The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past because, for some reason, I kept crying to my parents about getting the game despite having no exposure to it previously.

As for actually playing a game, Final Fantasy X.

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Aeris I think. I was seven.

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To The Moon and then The Walking Dead

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Crisis Core might have been the most emotional I've been in a game. I think that story makes FF7 itself way more tragic too. It's kind of a fucked up connection, because as lone games they aren't that amazing storywise, but together they fit perfectly.

Otherwise, nothing really. Can't think of something. I keep choking up in Visual Novels, but those are basically books, so fuck it. I've been sad in more books anyways.

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It's pretty tough to get me to cry, and you never see emotional father son moments in games, so never?

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The last hour of Metal Gear Solid 3.

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Brother's in Arms: Hell's Highway ending.

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That I remember? Probably 999. They were tears of "OMG, this is so freaking amazing, I can't believe this is happening", not tears of sadness, though.

Real sadness? The Walking Dead.

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The end of the Walking Dead is the only one that comes to mind at the moment but I'm certain there must have been others. Im a complete wuss when it comes to sad moments lol

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To the Moon. That game.

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At the end of Final Fantasy X.

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Mass Effect 3, when FemShep joined Kolyat in prayer… lemme just say that was a powerful moment.

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The ending of the first Kingdom Hearts

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End of Persona 3 probably.

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Ending character synopses to Throne of Bhaal is the first I can remember. You don't not get emotional over the end of a game and characters you spent hundreds of hours with.

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Final Fantasy 7 (Aeris's death)....then many years later I played Lost Odyssey.

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Haven't cried once, pussies.

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Super Mario Bros. - What ya mean she's in another castle? :(

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I can't think of a game ever moving me to tears. Closest I ever got was probably Red Dead Redemption, that bit near the end when John goes back to the farm. That was kinda fucked up. Though I do notice that as I've gotten older entertainment mediums get to me more than they did when I was younger. There's been a couple of films I got a bit wet in the eye-department over since turning 25. But games just haven't been able to push me over the edge yet.

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I don't think I've ever cried for a game. I certainly don't remember doing so. But my throat did that weird closing up thing when Mordin starting singing Scientist Salarian in Mass Effect 3. I guess that's the closest example I have.

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Fire Emblem for the GBA when Ninian is killed, and then when the main villain comes out to gloat made it worse for me.

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To The Moon.

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Dust: An Elysian Tail. The feeling, the music, the story and the sweat and passion that went into making that game.

And then The Walking Dead.