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I had an idea what the Jace Hall show was, but I just started watching it last night. Dude, it's actually kind of funny! Like the episode with Ice-T, or the one where John Carmack knocks him out, or the Jinx t-shirt episode (all of the above can be accessed through IGN's Jace Hall portal, or just YouTube), are actually funny. And I love how no one knows who he is!
Anyone else digging his show? Or is it just me?

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The first I heard of it was listening to the most recent bombcast... all I know about it is that it exists, the name of the show, and the fact that buzz_killington enjoys it.

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@Slab64: Yeah, Ryan HATES him for some reason.
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I only know him from when he went to 3d realms to look at Duke Nukem: Forever.

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I have been enjoying his show for quite some time now. 
Still waiting for Season 3 Episode 7.