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Come on down to Vidya Shorts for a very special dragon ball-themed challenge run of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Donate to help or harm the streamer’s progression through the marathon adventure. The more donations received, the more ridiculous the stream becomes. Donations are going to Child's Play.

-Stream was a success. Thanks for your participation!-



All donations are made in the name of enriching the holidays for children in need. Help Vidya Shorts give back!

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When suddenly, all of the money ever was dumped in Dbz's direction, and nobody know what the hell to do.

I love charity streams. :3

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Step on up for that Zelda with ham hands.

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This stream has taught me what it means to love. Because of this stream I am no longer a sweaty foreveralone neckbeard who sages off-topic threads with the fury of a thousand suns for the glory of moot-sama and spills spaghetti from his pockets every time he goes outside even though his mom told him if he went out looking nice he could get a girlfriend despite the fact that she should know by now his very normal and healthy concern for collecting images of totally jacked animal men making tender love whilst screaming Japanese onomatopoeiae. 10/10 would watch again.

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Well on our way to 3000 dollars and 2 complete 24 hour cycles. Come stop by!