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Borderlands 2 is also one of the free games for PS+, long with DMC, Soul Sacrifice and Blaz Blue Continuum Shift Extend Super Alpha Special.

Picked up Tales of Xillia for 36€. Also I think Last of Us and Persona 4 Golden might still be 50% off from the last 12 Days of Christmas deal.

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I grabbed LocoRoco which is in the sale. Why LocoRoco 2 and the Patapon games are not also in the sale stumps me.

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I picked up Muramasa Rebirth (also P4G from the flash sale). Now all I need is time. My VITA is so laden with great games, it weighs on me like a metric ton of bricks. I finally made some time to put into Valkyria Chronicles 2, and now 10 hours in, what I love about the franchise starts to shine through. It's getting really good.

I didn't have a back log in years, but since I got a VITA and PS+, and I'm taking advantage of all the great deals on PSN, it keeps on growing. Painfully awesome!

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Looks like I will be playing Brothers before the year is up after all!

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I'll be going for Brothers as well. Great price for Ni no Kuni if you haven't already got it. Happy Christmas!

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Grabbed muramasa for vita. Has the wii-version but vita does it more justice both in controls and visuals. Thinking about tales of graces F and puppeteer. What do you guys think? Are they any good?

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Just grabbed Crysis 3. For that price, I'll live with a playthrough of the weakest version.

I'll likely still pick up Brothers and Resident Evil 6 at some point. I might even go for a playthrough of the Medal of Honor Warfighter campaign. Sometimes a dumb linear shooter is just what the doctor ordered. I replayed some of BF4's campaign yesterday, during a short server outage - and I enjoy it for what it is, more so now, that there isn't the slightest confusion left of what the game wants from me at any given time - which is often a problem in such linear experiences, breaking them for me.

If Zeitgeist wasn't so integral to gaming, I'd feel stupid for not waiting for sales. The prices in this age of digital sales are just so flippin' good. Some games I simply want to play NOW!

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Grabbed puppeteer too and oh my god, it's great! Reminds me a little bit of my time with tearaway wich also surprised me and had a fantastic visual style. I'm laughing alot, it plays very well and it's just friggin beautiful. Will probably have to put this on my GOTY-list after it's over.