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(I Originally posted this here on May 7,2013)

I've always been a fan of The Sims. In-fact just this week I started playing The Sims 3 again. Which must have set off an alarm at EA, because they just announced the Sims 4.

What an unexpected name...

So I decided to take a look back at some of my favorite “Strange” things found in the Sims Series. I decided to do 4 things, because Sims 4..get it. Also these are only games I've played, so no Urbz:Sims in the City stuff. (Not that anyone cares…)

Whats worse, the name or the fact that “Special Black Eyed Peas Edition” is a selling point for EA

So here we go. Heads up now, stuffs about to get weird.

4.Strange Pets

If you Google these 3 animals together you shouldn't get any porn. I mean, you shouldn't....right?

Pets in the Sims series is weird to begin with. This is a series all about managing the lives of semi intelligent humans. You have to feed them, clean them, take them out, etc. So by giving your Sim a pet you are now controlling a person who is controlling a pet. Its like a really boring “Inception” meme.

But The Sims series has always been about taking the mundane and making it weird. So, in the Sims you can have your standard pets, like Dogs, Cats, and Fish. Then you can also have Hyenas, Orangutans, Unicorns and even Ghost pets.

Whats weirder, ghost dog or the fact that the tombstone behind them is floating and tilted?

Why would anyone want these pets? If you knew anything about the fans of this series you wouldn’t ask that question. You would instead go: Dear GOD they have a lot of fan-fiction-why so much. WHY?

3. Drew Carey in The Sims

Celebrities in games. Usually a stupid idea.Vary rarely has it worked, in a good way. Take the Sims 1 for example. In the game the you can throw parties. Now throwing a party is pretty easy, but throwing a GREAT party.. well that takes some planning and some skill.

Now if you do pull off one of these great parties, you might be thinking

"I want a celebrity to come here and prove my worth!"

Well keep your party going for a while, and keep it hot, and you might get lucky and have Drew Carey appear at your Sim shindig.

Hi Drew, welcome to my party- HOLY SHIT! Where did all your funny fat go?

So just like in real life Hollywood, if your party has no Drew Carey, then you are doing it wrong.

2.The Social Bunny, The Tragic Clown

The first time I ever played the Sims 2, I played it exactly how I lived my actual life. So I would get a job, work as little as possible then come home and surf the web and play games. It was great..until The Social Bunny appeared.

In The Sims 2 when your Sim gets “lonely” from having little social contact, you will get a visit from the Social Bunny. Its weird. The Bunny just appears and your Sim will WANT to talk to them. They’ll even laugh at Bunny’s jokes and tell it stories. Worst part, is that only YOUR Sim can see the Social Bunny. Also sometimes he just..stares..

Always staring, never blinking. Always watching, never speaking.

Now, The Tragic clown is a clown who will visit the players Sim when they are really depressed. He will try to help, but in a very CREEPY way.

For one thing, he is terrible at doing any clown-related stuff. He’s so bad at doing things like juggling that he actually makes your Sim even MORE depressed. He’s so bad at being a clown he actually makes you sad..

So he is basically a Birthday Party Clown. Minus the alcohol and sweat stains.

But you can just leave right? Or maybe close him off in a small room? Stick him outside and delete the door? Well you can do that.

And the he will just teleport to you. Through a magic portal.

Really the only way to get rid of him is to burn his painting or for your Sim to die. Or burn yourself alive with the painting and make him watch.


In the world of The Sims, you can do whatever you want. Which means you can eat whatever you want. Have whatever job you want. Dress how you want. And of course FUCK what ever you want.That last one is where Sim fans have gone a bit crazy..

Why are they outside? Why is the robot rust?

Yes, the photos above are just a few examples of “hybrids” between different types of Sims. You have your classic “Green Alien Baby” Hybrid. Your less classic “Ghost Baby” and your what the fuck is wrong with people who play The Sims “Grim Reaper Baby hybrid”

The thing is, for alot of these Hybrids it takes steps and sometimes hacking/cheats to get these babys into the game. For example the Alien Baby has to be from a man, who gets abducted by aliens and impregnated with the Alien Hybrid. For the Grim Reaper baby, you have to de-update you game, and use console commands.

Somebody spent a good amount of time and effort to get this into their game.

And there are a ton more hybrids in the Sims series. Like, Vampire-Human. Zombie-Vampire. Human-Ghost-Vampire. Werewolf-Alien. Alien-Mummy-Grim Reaper. The list, disturbingly, goes on.

If you never played a Sims game, and read this, then you might think the Sims is a very strange game, filled with weirdos who write way to much fan fiction.

It is. But its also really fun. And addicting, and I can not wait for Sims 4.

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I had the original with all expansions and 2 with most expansions, but it is hard for me to get excited about this weird series anymore. Anything I've seen from 4 looks like it could be from 3 or 2 (to me at least). That, and the fact this series just resets every 5 or so years, leaving you with the vanilla game with no expansions. If they worked on making the initial release have a bit more substance, it might make a difference but they don't seem to be doing that.

Kinda not the point of your thread I know, just wanted to run my mouth off a little. Sorry!

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@anywhereilay: It sucks, you buy some expansions then a new game comes out. And now all those features are not in the new game, which means you have to buy MORE expansions. I stopped at 3. Never bought a single expansion for 3.