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While I am aware of this thread, I don't think this takes Community Videos far enough, that is why I have started this Youtube Channel dedicated to being a one stop shop for videos made by the community here on Giant Bomb (Intern videos don't count I feel because they can post to Giantbomb's official page).

One of my videos is processing right now, but if you feel interested in supporting the channel, please post a URL link to your video & I will make sure they get onto the channel. Also, if you have any suggestions on how to improve the channel design feel free to suggest those as well.


- The channel & I are not affiliated with Whiskey Media or Giant Bomb directly.

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The Giant Bomb Community is not 36 years old.

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@Winternet: Figured out how to get rid of the age, thanks.

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I guess this fits here...

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I recently recorded a Steel Battalion video, but it came out quite poorly. I'm probably going to redo it tomorrow.

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That's the Giantbomb: Origins video that I made last summer

You should definitely put the Community Song by Hamst3r up there too

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Guys remember, if you recommend other people's videos be sure to give credit where credit is due & that they person who made the video is on Giant Bomb.

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@Pessh: You guys kind of have your own thing going so you can just keep uploading there. CommunityGBTV is following you though

@Mr_Skeleton: Done.

@grant742: Uploaded. Can't find the Community Song could you post it in the thread.

@nintendoeats: Tis Done.

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I wish I had some decent video content to advertise, but there's a reason why I'm not linking any of my videos. I'll just leave it at the animated thing.

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@TepidShark: Here's the community song

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Everybody spread the word!

@grant742: Thanks, it is uploaded.

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@rmanthorp: I would prefer specific videos then pages.